Electric Tea Kettle

by Dusty Scott Ross

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This my debut as a solo artist. I've been thinking and saying things for most of my life, and this a small collection of those things put into songs. It's about loneliness, losing things, saying goodbye, and learning to live with all that (sort of).


released August 4, 2016

All mixing, mastering, and production was contributed by Arsen of the band Dacha. All non-guitar-shaped instrumentation (and one very nifty solo on a decidedly guitar-shaped instrument) was also performed by Arsen. Please check this band out: dachaband.bandcamp.com


all rights reserved



Dusty Scott Ross New York, New York

I want to be a funhouse mirror for the world. Or maybe like a kaleidoscope on the moon?

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Track Name: You Can't Be My Girlfriend, You're My Boyfriend
Wake up, this dream is not for you
Somebody else told you what to do
These are to be our final days
And everything we built soon will be erased
Like waking from a dream
I will forget your face

All of the world is trying to be yours
It's in your hand, and still you ask for more
I know it hurts
Not to get the things you want
But it won't just come 'cause you want it so bad
You need to love the things you have
And if it's not enough, I'm not coming back to you

All of this time, I thought that we were right
Now I know it was never worth the fight
And I know it hurts
You've gotta know, man, it's killing me
I wake up lost, you're not around
I wonder where my life is bound
I need an out, but I'm not coming back to you
Track Name: I'm Not Sorry
Everything in this world that comes to pass, it'll end
And time doesn't wait for anyone, least of all us, my friend
See, I would have fought the gods if I thought it could change your fate
But when the smile runs away from you, what can I do but wait?

Just wait for the world to change
Then wait for the world

It's been a wretched mess, I can't say what for
Still dressed like you're going to church, you don't even pray, not anymore
But I wouldn't change a thing if I had the time to relive
I just wish it didn't take so damn long to forgive

Just wait for the world to change
Then wait for the world
And wait for the world to change
Then wait for your eyes to adjust

What else am I supposed to say?
Track Name: A Long Scene with No Dialogue
Heart racing rather lazily
Composed as if not listening
To every second ticking on past

Into this immensely
Personal experience
I need an old friend to come along

So come on, friend
Come on, friend
Come on

Kill yourself, why not?
You love a little and you hurt a lot
You don't know what you got
You never will until you hurt a lot

Lost in the moment, exposed, far from home, and alone
Track Name: First Drop of a New Day
So, welcome back to Earth
I held something good, but I lost it now
I dreamt of a song
Now the melody's gone, and the rhythm's all wrong, and the words...
They won't come

Life seems to come in fits
So when fate turns her wheels, you just roll with it
When you live in a cloud
And the storm comes 'round
It's a long way down
Track Name: In All Its Glorious Forms
Now there's a face I know I've seen before
Always hangin' 'round the same old haunts
Maybe he lost something very small
Can't bring himself to say it's gone
So where do I go when I need a friend?
The storm drain pond

Can I tell his story with a chord?
Can I sing his sorrows in a verse?
Can I say how much I need him now?
Oh my god, I need you now

To say you're mine
Well I'd sooner own the Earth and the sky
To be for you
I don't know if I could compromise
And to live alone
I got lost just walking home tonight

Can I wear these virtues like a coat
When the seasons bring us bitter cold?
Can this makeshift comfort never end?
Cherries and roses, they're just shades of red
And when I'm all alone
Can I find away to make it by on my own?

I turn my face up to the rain
I watch the daylight slowly wane
Say, "Oh my god, I need you now."

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